Chantilly Key Club Stories: Past Fall Volunteer Experiences

Caroline Li

It was a cold, windy day, but my friend and I were brimming with excitement. We were heading to a fall festival to volunteer. Not only would we get to experience the fall festivities, but we would help out in the process. When we got there, we were delegated to the snack bar to lend a hand. We were put in charge of asking customers for their order, handling their money, and preparing their selected items. It was slow going at first; my friend and I decided to draw a poster to attract customers. It worked and to our delight, more people decided to swing by the snack bar. But as more people started pouring in, we barely had a minute to catch our breath. It was a fast paced cycle of “What’s their order? Apple cider? Got it!” to “Here’s your order! Thank you for coming!” We ran out of room to store the hot dogs, so we heated up the popcorn machine to store the hot dogs. It was a riot — we had to restrain laughter while putting the hot dogs in a popcorn making machine. Many kids came up to us, jokingly asking us for free food. Unfortunately, in order to adhere to the rules, we had to decline their request. But I was sorely tempted to give a kid in a hot dog costume a hot dog. Needless to say, we were worn out. However, in between orders, we chatted, laughed, and snuck in bites of food. The feeling of fulfillment, being surrounded by friendly people, and the crisp fall air summed up one of the most enjoyable events in my life.



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